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Dr. Jiveh completed his undergraduate in Chemistry degree at the University of Florida and his dental school at the Prestigious Medical College of Virginia on the Dean’s list and continued his pursuit of dentistry at a 2-year residency at the University of California, San Francisco in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. He took numerous courses to continue his pursuit in advancing his dental knowledge after starting his practice in West Palm Beach Florida at many institutions such as spear and Dawson. Dr. Jiveh taught Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry at the Palm Beach Research Clinic to other dentists for nearly 10 years. Dr. Jiveh speaks for Strauman, and is currently the clinical and course director for Palm Beach Dental Academy.

In 2021, Dr, Jiveh had the honor of being the president of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This prestigious organization is one of the top academic organizations in the world, fostering a culture of excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry.


Dr. Jiveh currently practices in West Palm Beach , Florida. His practice is an all Fee-For-Service office which he mostly performs rehabilitative and reconstruction Dentistry, complete reconstruction, and implant dentistry. Dr. Jiveh is also an ambassador of a global network of dentists called “Slow Dentistry” where he sees one patient at a time, concentrating in providing the best quality of dental care.

Dr. Jiveh has been taking clinical and portrait photography for more than 2 decades and loves sharing his passion to bring zest back to practices that are doing routine same way dentistry for years. He believes the camera lens is an incredible way to elevate a patient’s soul, and combining that with a new smile, is sure to transform and elevate the confidence of his patients and the patients of the doctors he teaches. Dr. Jiveh has also been teaching a Smile Design and delivery course for over 10 years. The class includes Digital Smile Design, all the way up to delivering a beautiful smile with the world’s top ceramists.

In his spare time Dr. Jiveh enjoys time with family, is an avid paddle boarder, and enjoys outdoor photography of nature and wildlife.

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